The Five Minute Journal - Beige Linen

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EN : Experience improved well-being and become happier with the original The Five Minute Journal gratitude journal. Designed for positive manifestation and self-confidence, it promotes helpful daily habits that inspire gratitude.

The journal contains pages for six months of daily writing, packed with thoughtful prompts: weekly challenges, gratitude, daily highlights, inspirational quotes, daily affirmations, and self-reflections.

Benefits: Scientific research has shown that practicing gratitude can increase optimism and positivity and even strengthen the immune system. Feel the benefits of journaling for just five minutes every morning and evening.

Language of publication - English.

ENG: The simplest thing you can do to start your day happier by focusing on the positive and becoming more mindful. The Five Minute Journal 's guided and structured exercises will lead you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are .

Elevate yourself. Be happier. Improve relationships. Shift your mind to a state of optimism. You could be the next amongst thousands of others to hone your ability to focus on the good in life.

- Science-backed guided gratitude journal
- 1,300,000+ copies sold around the world
- Undated
- Lasts for 6 months of daily journaling

Author : Intelligent Change

Language : English

Hardback 100% linen cover

100% biodegradable, recyclable, FSC certified paper

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