Holi & sunny is, above all, a lifestyle and positive energy

The store was established in 2022. We want to constantly develop it and add new collections. Our idea is to create products that will help everyone, without exception, introduce harmony, positive emotions, sun and color into their lives. We want their beauty to decorate you and your homes, and to make your time in the sun more pleasant.

Our inspirations are, of course, summer and sun, as well as the beach, ocean and coastal lifestyle, which we combine with colors and eclectic style. We also design products in the spirit of self-care , i.e. taking care of yourself. We want to motivate you to develop yourself and take care of your mind and body by reflecting on your feelings, thoughts and ambitions, for which keeping a diary is useful, and by reading books (we sell original versions of books in English). On social media and in our blog, we will share tips on leading a holistic lifestyle, including healthy recipes and, of course, ideas for using our products. And in everything, may the sun accompany us!

☀ Join us - start living the sunny life