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Holi & Sunny phone cases provide beautiful and stylish phone protection. Each case is a durable and highly transparent casing with a vibrant, colorful print and technologies that protect your phone.

✿ Unique print with pink hibiscuses
✿ Thin and light
✿ Built-in protective strip along the entire length of the phone's sides for high protection of the phone
✿ Resistance to shocks during falls, thanks to the combination of materials and the built-in strap , which absorb impacts
✿ Raised sides near the screen and camera to protect against scratches
✿ Scratch-resistant material
✿ Compatibility with wireless chargers (no magnets)
✿ Slightly elastic material, hard back

Available models: iPhone 11, 11 pro, 12, 12 pro, 13, 13 pro.

The photo shows a white iPhone 11.

Please remember : although our cases are designed to provide high protection to your phone, we cannot guarantee that they will protect your phone in all circumstances.

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