Choose Joy : Relieve Burnout, Focus on Your Happiness, and Infuse More Joy into Your Everyday Life

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Choose Joy is an empathetic and empowering resource for anyone struggling with burnout and self-limiting beliefs.

Maybe you're feeling exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed and struggling to meet the constant demands on your time. 

Maybe you're finding it difficult to connect with the things that once added joy and meaning to your life. Or maybe you can't even remember what those things were.

If you relate to one (or more!) of those statements, certified positive psychology practitioner Sophie Cliff is here to help. Choose Joy's research, insights, and exercises will help you:

  • Protect yourself from burnout and find the balance you've been craving in this chaotic world
  • Reduce stress and change how you react to it (because busy schedules will never go away)
  • Uncover what really matters to you, not what your family or society tells you should matter
  • Identify your core values and develop a new approach to achieving your goals
  • Boost your self-confidence and realize that you're worthy of all the joy you've been dreaming about

Research tells us that joy has a whole host of health benefits and now using the tools in this book, you can start taking the necessary daily steps toward building a life that lights you up instead of drags you down.

Grounded in the science of well-being and the author's experiences of grief and burnout, this is a reassuring guide to listening to ourselves and meeting our unique needs with small daily choices, not just another one-size-fits-all, quick-fix formula. 

Language: English

Cover: Paperback

Pages: 184

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